Career Tips

Hmm. Youth Corp service is over. What then? To look for Job of course. Ok. Do I need any tip? Yes of course. Do you have any tip Naija Job Hunt?

Yes we do. See it below.

Please adhere strictly to the following tips.

What an Employer Looks for in Employees

  • Punctuality and regularity.
  • Giving notice if expecting to be late or absent.
  • Compliance with company rules.
  • Honesty and dependability.
  • Amount of work compared with others.
  • Quality of work compared with others.
  • Respect for supervisor and co-workers.
  • Regard for company equipment.
  • Taking initiative.
  • Following directions.
  • Not a complainer.

What to Do During A Job Interview

  • Be grown-up, business-like. Greet employer with proper respect. Call him “Mr”—not “Jack,” “Buddy” or “Pal.”
  • Sit up straight in chair, feet firmly on floor; look alert. Advance planning will help you to be calm, poised and at ease.
  • Think before answering a question. Be polite, accurate, honest and frank. Give full information. Do not brag.
  • Have guide sheet with you of all your jobs, dates of work, your wages, kinds of work you did, reasons you left.
  • Be ready to show how your training and work experience will help you to get ahead on job you are asking for.
  • For references, give the names (and complete addresses) of three reliable people who know you and your work.
  • Be confident, enthusiastic, but do not bluff. Use good English and speak distinctly. But do not talk too much.
  • Listen carefully; be polite and tactful. Above all, do not get into any arguments with your prospective employer.
  • The employer is interested only in how well you will fit the job. Do not mention personal, home or money problems.
  • If it seems you will not get the job, seek employer’s advice about other jobs with the firm that may come up.
  • Send employer brief thank-you letter immediately after interview.

Source: New York State Employment Service Office brochure How to “Sell Yourself” to an Employer.

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