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  • To proactively drive a values & compliance based culture and improve risk identification & management in Anglophone West Africa (AWA).
  • To provide legal advisory support for the Pharmaceutical business in Anglophone West Africa.
  • Responsibility spans across Anglophone West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra –Leone, Gambia).
  • Compliance standards & procedures – incorporating and adhering to industry practices and standards of compliance as required by government regulations.
  • Ensuring that local compliance standards and procedures are kept up to date and are consistent with regional/corporate compliance standards and procedures.
  • Managing common compliance activities (e.g. analytics, reporting, communications, policy administration, project management, and training) with a focus on efficiency, consistency, and continuous improvement.

  • Working with management and functional heads to embed compliance standards and procedures as standard ways of working in the business.
  • Ensuring that appropriate standards are in place governing high risk business activities.
  • Ensuring a sound system of internal controls and legal & regulatory compliance are in place across AWA.
  • Organizational Leadership & culture of compliance.
  • Documentation of all transactions between the business and 3rd parties to minimize dispute.
  • Providing legal advisory support on an on-going basis to all departments in the conduct of their various operations and businesses.
  • Reviewing potential disputes and advising the business on how to handle them to minimize their escalation to full blown disputes.
  • Advising the businesses on their potential rights, obligations and liabilities on various issues and recommend remedial strategies.
  • Attendance at meetings and representing the business in such fora as may be required from time to time.
  • Coaching & mentoring AWA management and functional heads in key compliance messages, communications and behaviour.
  • Ensuring that the training of AWA management, in the areas of organisational leadership, establishing and promoting a culture of compliance, is up to date.
  • Training and communication of standards and procedure.
  • Managing delivery of compliance training for AWA staff. Maintaining appropriate compliance training records.
  • Conducting regular training needs assessments with AWA management and functional heads to determine compliance training requirements for staff.
  • Creating, managing and implementing an effective compliance communications programme.
  • Ensuring that confidential internal reporting processes in AWA are effective and that reported concerns are correctly and promptly investigated with suitable corrective action as necessary (including escalation to above-country where relevant) and in collaboration with appropriate heads/line managers.
  • Ensuring that all new joiners undergo compliance training as part of the induction process.
  • Acting as secretary for the AWA Risk Management & Compliance Board (RMCB) – working in liaison with the General Manager to set the meeting agenda, maintain appropriate records and follow-up.
  • Reporting risks, issues and mitigation actions to Africa Compliance Officer and submitting all reports due to Africa Regional Compliance on a timely basis (e.g. RMCO report, Back-End-Monitoring report and Quarterly Breaches).
  • Regularly reviewing and updating the AWA Risk Map, Risk Management approach/processes and Risk assessments.
  • Setting compliance objectives that are aligned with Africa Regional Compliance objectives.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on attainment of compliance objectives and communicating findings to AWA management and Africa Regional compliance.
  • Including compliance goals into overall business objectives for the business and functional management.
  • Co-ordinating and supporting business preparation, readiness and response to audits from all GSK audit groups.
  • Reviewing audit findings with line management, advising on corrective actions and implementing plans to correct audit findings.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A good first degree (preferably with background in Law, Business Admin, Finance).
  • At least 5 years experience in a similar role with a comparable organisation.
  • Must have previous demonstrable experience in at least two of the following areas – operations management, business process change/improvement, change management, internal/employee communications, training, regulatory affairs.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills with the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions.
  • Ability to consult, negotiate and influence at a management level.

How to Apply

Please click here to apply for the job.

Please click the ‘Experienced Professionals (1)’ when the webpage opens up.


28 August, 2013

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